The Ineffective Management Team

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Managers generally begin with enthusiasm, optimism and a desire to demonstrate their capability. They are generally eager to prove that it was a right decision to appoint them to the role. However, this optimism and passion often slips away and confusion and lack of certainty as to how they need to execute their new role effectively takes hold unless they are provided with adequate support. This new manager has been praised for his/her efforts as an employee and recognised for their contributions to the business. However, the skills they demonstrated as an employee aren’t necessarily the skills that will enable them to excel as a manager.

Being a hard worker can get in the way of being an effective manager. “If I don’t do it, it won’t get done properly”, is a common trap for managers that can lead to years of frustration. They need to understand the skills required and clearly see how those skills apply to their specific role and organisation. If they don’t receive the support and guidance required the newly appointed manager remains at the employee level in terms of day-to-day performances. Their contributions are significantly lower than their capability or the expectation of the owner/leader who is probably frustrated with the lack of progress and the under performance. So a good situation can quickly deteriorate becoming needlessly stressful. The manager needs to understand what’s involved in the role and how to maximise the performances of their team members. They need a “toolbox” of ideas and approaches for addressing issues, for moving beyond difficulties and engaging their team.