Performance Management

Effective performance management is derived from the standards and best practices cultivated within the organisation culture. Organisational Culture has implications for every aspect of the working environment. Culture determines the kinds of responses that the organisation makes to required changes.  It can help predict how well the organisation will deal with change. People may only notice their culture when the routine breaks down and they have to deal with something unexpected. Having a knowledge and understanding of the culture can help the members of the organisation predict how the company may respond and deal with the unexpected event.

Culture determines the kind of people who will be attracted to the organisation and who will be successful in it. It also gives clear direction for the training and development of individuals by defining what is, and what is not important, and what skills the individual needs to do well in the organisation.The on-going challenge for all businesses is to develop a culture that supports the achievement of sustained results.

Performance Management Programme

  • Assessing the organisational culture in relation to key areas of communication, conflict management, customer focus, decision-making, innovation
  • Determining actions to enhance the organisation’s performance in relation to the areas assessed
  • Developing mechanisms to support managers in managing the performances of their team members
  • Training managers to effectively use the tools and enhance their working relationship with team members
  • Monitoring the impact of actions and assessing organisational progress

Performance Management Overview

Performance Management

lufthansa_180‘As a result of the work we completed with LEAP managers are more effectively managing their team members. They are also more confident in addressing performance issues. The support tools are effectively providing structure and focus for meaningful conversations regarding current performance and development opportunities.’

Gillian Power, HR Manager, Lufthansa Technik, Shannon


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