Leadership Effectiveness

LEAP’s leadership development programmes are heavily focused on both the strategic and adaptive capabilities of your organisation. We develop business leaders through two targeted interventions:

1. futureSME – developing strategic capabilities.

2. Executive Coaching – developing the self awareness and focus to apply effective leadership disciplines. Click the icons below to learn more.

futureSME executive-coaching

“For a small business such as mine to have exposure to your level of experience and expertise has been fantastic, and we have already seen the benefits and we are determined to make the most of what we have learned with you and the rest of the LEAP team. Seeing that there is real benefit to having the “hard and soft” integrated into a business is something that really resonates with me and having this reinforced by the course and by you has been great. There have been many valuable nuggets of learning throughout the programme.

Padraic Hession, Managing Director, Padraic Hession & Associates Ltd


What is Leadership Effectiveness?

Leadership effectiveness exists where there is a clear and compelling vision for the future of the organisation, and a coherent and structured strategy to deliver on the vision. When there is effective leadership, the company is ‘doing the right things’ regarding its markets, its customer profile and the optimisation of its products or services to these customers. Internally there is a focused team delivering the required behaviours and disciplines to collectively drive the company forward. 

Leadership is the ability to ensure that the organisation and it’s people consistently grow and develop. People incorrectly assume that ‘leaders are born not made’ resulting in an excessive emphasis on developing management capabilities, and no focus on developing leadership capabilities. This is a significant mistake with potentially disastrous consequences for business. Leaders must ensure the organisation is doing the right things, not just ensuring they are doing things right.

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