The Overworked Owner

When you’re juggling a thousand things!

Is running the business getting on top of you?

Do you feel that your management team could do more to drive your business forward?

The owner is spending so much time working in the business, they are frustrated with having to do too much themselves. What Irish mothers having been saying for generations is rattling around in their heads:

“If I don’t do it, it won’t get done properly.”

This mind-set can lock them and their team into high levels of dysfunctionality. To break out of this limiting perspective and the collective related ingrained habits and behaviours is difficult. 

Sometimes change happens because of the severity of the pain the owner is in.  Like the 6th generation family business, where the son has emigrated to Australia and refuses to work in the family business.  The father recognised that he was the problem and his erratic management style was driving his son away.  The father didn’t have to change, just get out of the way and give his son the freedom to run the business and report often and accurately on how the company was performing (weekly tracking of KPIs) so the father didn’t create the excuse for himself to step back in.

The father still doing what he does best, being the face of the company and engaging on an on-going basis with major customers, enhancing those key customer relationships and in identifying new innovations in both products and manufacturing processes that could be incorporated into the business.

Prevention is the best cure, if you feel you are over-worked and under supported, please get in touch.

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