Executive Coaching

What is leadership? 

It’s about innovation, risk taking, clarity of vision, inspiring others, motivating people and leading your company in a particular direction. LEAP’s Executive Coaching programme ensures that business leaders deliver top class performance consistency. A one-to-one interaction between the leader of the organisation and the executive coach, through which, leaders realise more of their potential through increased self-awareness of:

  • Subconscious beliefs both positive and negative.
  • His/her unique ability and where best to apply it.
  • Re-awakening and re-crafting of the leader’s core purpose and re-aligning his/her multiple purposes to this core purpose.
  • Their personal capabilities to be effective leaders and how best to apply them.

Executive Coaching Programme

The Executive Coaching Programme is designed to support business owners who wish to significantly enhance their performance and contribution to the company. It combines face-to-face as well as phone-based coaching sessions and uses the time to:

  • Identify perceived obstacles to performance.
  • Generate solutions.
  • Set objectives and implement action until the clients’ objectives have been fulfilled.


The Leader

  • Willingly commits to the Executive Coaching Programme.
  • Has a clearly defined need.
  • Is receptive to change.

The Relationship

  • Trust: both parties working together to support the leader on his journey.
  • How: Honest, Open, Willing (both parties).

The Mentor

  • An effective guide for the leader on his journey.
  • Non judgmental.
  • Non directional.
  • Manage uncertainties.


The leader translates their increased personal capability to:

  • Improve the performance of the organisation.
  • Structure the organisation for long term sustainable growth.
  • Open up new growth opportunities for the leader in different facets of his life.


Mike Gaffney managing director of LEAP, and John Raftery executive coach, have more than 16 years experience working with SME’s and large companies to develop the full capabilities of senior management teams and business owners. They are highly motivated individuals with wide ranging business skills and a no-nonsense approach to leadership and management development. Click the link below to learn more.

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