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LEAP management consults are based in Galway and serve clients nationwide. We design and deliver leadership development programmes for business owners and team leaders, and management development programmes for new managers. Established in 2000, we work with businesses across Ireland to ensure you are maximizing the potential of your greatest asset – your employees. LEAP work with companies, large and small, to identify issues that are preventing you from achieving the kind of success you had hoped for. Then we work with you to develop a plan of action that you, and your management team, can implement and measure with real tangible results. To learn more about us and our approach read on.

Leadership Development

Mike Gaffney managing director at LEAPMike Gaffney, MD and founder of LEAP, has a simple philosophy about leadership and it is this: leadership is a skill that can be learned like any other. It is not an innate gift that only a few lucky individuals are born with. This belief is the foundation for LEAP’s leadership and management programmes.

The LEAP team have developed a two-pronged approach. Our leadership programme, designed specifically for managing directors, helps you to embrace your leadership role. This means focusing on growing your business by taking time to develop new and innovative ideas, and then communicating your ideas more effectively to your management teams.

To do this you must ensure you pick an effective management team to implement the day to day operations of the company. You will rarely find a business leader who has the time to manage operations and also find the time to focus on innovation and business growth aswell. Too often the leader ends up embedded in the daily operations of the company and as a result, opportunities for growth are missed. So a vital question for every managing director is ‘do I have the right management team in place?’ We work with you to ensure you do.

Management Consulting

At LEAP we also work with your managers to improve their management skills and help them build the kind of teams capable of reaching the company’s objectives, thus freeing up time for the managing director to focus on business growth. Managers must also recognise that their role involves elements of leadership too. It isn’t just about task lists and time keeping. An effective manager has got to identify the right employees for the right roles and be prepared to be creative in their approach to problem solving. Sticking to a process that is out-dated and ineffective will result in the kind of stagnation that can hinder productivity not facilitate it.

Mentoring for Managers

Managers must also learn how to ‘manage-up’, that is to understand the right way to communicate with their managing directors. The right way will vary from company to company depending on the business and the personalities involved, but there are basic rules of engaging with your boss that need to be understood in order to develop a positive relationship that really works. Our management programmes address these issues and our business advisors will mentor your managers to ensure they understand how to manage-up as well as down.

Create A Confident Company Culture

This comprehensive approach clarifies everyone’s role within the business, creates accountability, increases confidence in employees and improves relationships between managing directors and managers.  This dynamic approach reduces waste, boosts productivity and creativity and increases company profits.

Changing Mindsets and Behaviours 

If your business is struggling to reach production targets, or failing to make a profit, our team of experts can help turn your company around. LEAP is about changing mindsets, changing behaviours and releasing potential. A bold statement with big promise. Where’s the evidence? Our satisfied clients can show you the evidence.

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